Would I need to sign a contract?

  • Yes, we are required by DPOR to have written contracts.

Do you require a deposit?

  • Yes, we require 30% at front, another 30% draw after reaching 50% of the scope of work another 30% after completing 90% and the final 10% once the customer signs us off

Can I make Changes After the Contract Is Signed?

  • The Board for Contractors requires all changes to a contract be made in writing and signed by both the contractor and consumer before such changes are implemented. Be sure that the written change orders to the contract are detailed and seek legal advice if you have any questions about the changes.

Would I get a detailed scope of work?

  • Yes, the contract will have a detailed scope of work.

Do you use subcontractors?

  • Yes, In most cases we use subs. All our subs are licensed and insured.

 Does Leo do any of work himself?

  • He gets involved time to time when it comes to volunteering at any non-profit events/ fundraisers. He likes to do the in home estimates and understand what the customers are looking for.

     Do you offer financing?

    • Yes, please see the bottom of the page.

    Financing Available